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4 Reasons why a pro-head shot is vital
April 16, 2018

About Dee Flores

Dee Flores was born in New York but raised in Miami Florida after his parents migrated from Guatemala. As a child he often dazzled many of his teachers with his talent, often keeping his artwork and requesting they be autographed because they knew he'd one day be famous. During his teens, he picked up the camera and as a hobby often carried it around, developing a passion for photography.

Dee has been in the visual arts field since the early 90's after graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta. He has worked with various companies as a graphic designer and marketer. As a graphic artist, marketer and also publisher/owener of his own publication at one point, Dee knows the importance of proper images to generate business while representing the brand right. 

Being a freelance photographer, Dee has been able to take what was once a hobby and create noteworthy visuals. His powerful images have caught the eye of many and are sought after nationally as well as internationally. His unique work has been published and featured by multiple high profile publications. He's been hired by companies looking to capture the specific photo to upgrade their imge consisten with their brand, have new social media content and presense as well as the right image for business in the music industry, fashion industry and the right head shot for their personal and business brand. His commitment to stunning images has kept Dee in the forefront of the photography business in Atlanta, giving him the opportunity to photograph musicians, television personalities and high end products. 

"To me photography has a lot to do with your eye and technical skills, but above all it's about interaction with my client.  Creating a relaxed and fun environment can help produce amazing images that are memorable . A collaboration between my client and I, that will bring the 'WOW' factor to any photoshoot.  I'm excited to work with executives, celebrities, athletes, musicians, models to create art."

Dee Flores


Main bio photo above left taken by Julie Hunter photographer.